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The company Pipelife Czech is located in Otrokovice (map) near the regional capital Zlin. It was founded in April 1994 as a joint venture company Pipelife and Fatra Inc. Napajedla. Until 2004, it was entitled Pipelife - Fatra Ltd. In that year the holding Pipelife International, which is located in Wiener Neudorf Austria, bought the share of the Fatra and became the sole owner of the company with its current name Pipelife Czech Ltd. The Company is constantly developed and expanded its range of products and production capacity.

In 2009 a merger took place with the company Instaplast Inc. (map) (Instaplast was founded as a private company in 1990 and as first in the Czech republic came up with the idea to pursue the assembly of internal plastic distribution).

 Plant Otrokovice  Plant Zápy
Plant Otrokovice Plant Zápy

Pipelife Czech is the largest Czech producer and seller of plastic piping systems made of PVC, PE and PP. It´s wide range of sewerage, water, gas and drainage pipes supplements range of cable ducts, pipes for internal waste, water and heating distribution.

Quality of products and services is guaranteed by strict adherence to product standards and so-called silver certifcate, which companies receive with the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000 and certified environmental management system ISO 14 001. The ISO 50001 certification shows that the company respects all legislative requirements related to energy management.

The product portfolio represent a group of advanced products with significant environmental benefits, even after their life, when it is possible to reuse their source material.

For selected products the Ministry of environment awarded the company Pipelife to use the label „Environmentally friendly products“ and also can use the brand Czech Quality.