Novelty in PP-R sortiment new GFR pipe system


PP-R INSTAPLAST - universal plastic piping system that can be used for distribution lines for:

  • Drinking and hot water
  • Compressed air
  • Other substances if PP-R material is resistant to them (specific cases should be considered - contact the manufacturer)

PP-R INSTAPLAST system consists of the following components:

They are made in the dimensions from 16 mm to 110 mm (pipe outer diameter) and in the following pressure classes:

  • S 5 (PN10) - cold and drinking water indoor distribution lines
  • S 3,2 (PN16) - cold and drinking water indoor distribution lines
  • S 2,5 (PN20) - hot water indoor distribution lines, compressed air distribution lines
  • STABI PP-RCT (PP-R BETA) /AL/PP-R - hot water indoor distribution lines

A wide range of fittings in all dimensions - both all-plastic and combined modifications. Fittings are produced in the highest pressure class.

Plastic valves

Non-dismountable and dismountable ball valves and direct valves.

We offer tools for installation of the PP-R system, consumable materials and thermal insulations.

Advantages of the PP-R system INSTAPLAST

  • Substitution of steel pipes by plastic ones results in considerably positive ecological and economical indicators
  • Minimum service life in case of correct application: 50 years
  • Hygienically harmless, it is not susceptible to corrosion
  • Installation - simple, clean, quick
  • Easy handling - low weight
  • Low noisiness
  • The system complies with the standards for classification as "Environment friendly product" thanks to low pressure losses by fiction

Assembly of the PP-R system INSTAPLAST

It is necessary to follow the assembly instructions for the PP-R INSTAPLAST system during assembly and use of products.


Standard products are guaranteed for a ten-years period while the other products for a two-years period.